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Did you know that Ravenna, Texas has a total area of 1.20 square miles?

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The City

Ravenna is a city in Fannin County. Located in northern Texas, Ravenna, has a population of only 209 (2010).

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211 Texas

Texoma Council of Governments

Fannin County

Ravenna Volunteer Fire Department


Compared to the rest of the states, Ravenna's cost of living is 22.6% lower than the U.S. average costs.

ComMunity Bulletin Board


June 19, 2024- Jack Phillips Bluebird Festival (more information coming soon!)

Ravenna Farmers Market




                                                  DATE OF MEETING:                SEPTEMBER 19, 2023

                                                  TIME OF MEETING:                7:00 PM

                                                  LOCATION OF MEETING:     Ravenna City Hall 103 N. Main St. Ravenna

                                                 TYPE OF MEETING:                Regular Meeting Agenda



Call To Order


Regular Session (This Regular Session may, at any time, be recessed to convene an Executive Session for any purpose authorized by the Open Meetings Act, Texas Government Code 551.)


1.    Citizens Opportunity to Speak: [The Board of Commissioners invites persons with comments or observations to

          briefly address the Board of Commissioners for the limited purpose of determining whether the matter should be referred to

                        staff for study and response and/or be placed on a future meeting agenda.  State law prohibits the Board of Commissioners 

from considering deliberations on any item not listed on the posted Board of Commissioners Agenda.]


2.    Statutory Consent Agenda—The Statutory Consent Agenda includes non-controversial and

       routine items that may be acted upon with one single vote. An item may be pulled from the

       Consent Agenda in order that it be discussed and acted upon individually as part of the Regular



A.    Consideration and possible action to approve meeting minutes for the Regular Meeting held on August 15, 2023 – Pat Patterson, City Secretary


B.  Consideration and possible action to accept financial report for month ending August,




3.    Consider and take action regarding burn ban. (Currently activated)


4.       Reports from Commissioners and City Staff (No Action to Be Taken)      

              A.  Mayor—Joe Passanisi -Inter-Local agreement; Watkins Property

B.  Mayor Pro Tem—Claude Lewis, Jr.                                              

C.  City Commissioner—Chad Goode

D.  City Secretary—Pat Patterson  (activities and information)                      

E.   TCOG Representative—Mary Browning Rodriguez  (update)                     

F.   City Attorney—Michael Evans  (updates on City legal work)              

G.   Planning and Zoning-Monte Rater (update)

H.   Communications-James Peercy (update)


      5.   Consider and take action regarding 200 E. Pine ordinance violations.





       6.   Consider and take action regarding 106 Poplar ordinance violations.


       7.   Consider and take action regarding 111 Pine ordinance violations.


       8.   Consider and take action regarding the FY 2023-2024 Annual budget.     


9.      Consider and take action regarding hiring someone to mow the city lots.


      10.   Consider and take action regarding pay raise for Pat Patterson City Secretary.


11.   Consider and take action regarding the Bike Rally on October 7th to allow the City Hall to be

       used as a watering and rest stop.


12.   Consider and take action regarding Property Insurance for City Hall.


      13.  Consider and take action regarding the Community Center.


      14.  Consider and take action regarding P&Z recommendations.


      15.  Consider and take action regarding the following City of Ravenna public works projects:

             street maintenance, road work and culverts, streetlights; tree trimming and mowing.  

             (Red Bud washout)


16.   Adjourn





The Ravenna Board of Commissions hereby expresses its intention of considering, deliberating, and taking action on any item listed on this agenda unless specifically stated otherwise.



Posted September 14, 2023 at 2:00pm.




Pat Patterson, City Secretary


This facility is wheelchair accessible and accessible parking spaces are available.  Persons with disabilities who plan to attend this meeting and who may need assistance should contact the City Secretary at 903-449-4616 before 2:00 PM on the date of the meeting so that appropriate arrangements can be made.



history about ravenna

People started to move into what is now known as "Ravenna" in the early 1850's. The reason on how Ravenna got its name was because, there was a large ravine that had split the town, so then the people named it that. Another cool fact is, is that in 1885, the city had a population of 150 and a functional post office. How amazing is that?!

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